Sterling Layering Chain

Sterling Layering Chain

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Need an extra chain for your layering pendants? No problem, I've got you covered! 

I've hand antiqued this STERLING SILVER BALL CHAIN to give it that perfect amount of patina. Your choice of 16" or 18" insures you'll always have layering options!

I often get asked why I specifically use the all chain for my layering pendants, and the reason os two fold. Yes, I love the look of them and they're usually a little bit different than other chains people might already have. When layering I like things to not be too "matchy matchy".

But these chains also remind me of the dog tags from my grandfather's military service. He was the most incredible man and I loved him immensely. He was a pacifist and an animal lover, but wanted to serve his country as well. So when called to serve, he became a "conscientious objector" and trained as both a medic and a vet tech. He used his knowledge to help others, from both sides, throughout his multi-war career. Looking at his dog tags always reminded me that we can always stand firmly in our beliefs, and follow our hearts, even when it appears like we're being asked to set them aside.