Drugstore Cowgirl Jewelry is hand-fabricated and hand-crafted. Some pieces can be dainty which means they can also be delicate. This means you must have some common sense with caring for the pretties. Do not swim, shower or get any of the jewelry wet! Store the items in a cool, dry place such as a jewelry box/bag. While all jewelry is built to last, it’s possible items may catch on clothing or bang against hard surfaces while worn. Every scratch and ding adds to the piece's character and makes it truly your own. Lived in jewelry is happy jewelry! Read below for details on each material and how to best clean your jewelry. 



All silver used in Drugstore Cowgirl jewelry, with the exception of some chain, is recycled. This means silver is purchased from a refiner that processes metals that have been used before and are not newly mined. The nature of Silver is to tarnish over time from exposure moisture (from atmosphere, skin, or being left in the bathroom with the shower on). Some people prefer this look. If you don’t, keep pieces in a cloth bag, a box or stored away from moist air to prevent excess tarnish. If unwanted tarnishing occurs, Silver may be easily polished with widely available polishing cloths. I also include a polishing pad with every order.


What is Gold Fill? I’m glad you asked!

First off, Gold Fill is NOT GOLD PLATED

Gold-filled jewelry is composed of a solid layer of gold bonded with heat and pressure. The high quality gold-filled I use has the same properties and appearance as 14-karat gold.

Even if you have an allergy to certain metals, you won't have to worry about reactions. Gold-filled items, even with daily wear, can last a lifetime  without tarnish if cared for properly. Meaning no swimming, showers, or throwing it in a pile on the nightstand (guilty as charged). 

Gold Fill is just a step down from solid gold when it comes to quality and value. Speaking of solid gold, pure gold is very soft and is not always a good choice for jewelry; that is why an alloy is almost always used for gold jewelry items, even in jewelry pieces worth an incredible amount of money.

Gold-filled jewelry is prone to some tarnishing, but can be easily polished with widely available polishing cloths. I also include a polishing pad with every order.  



Brass also has the tendency to oxidize and can do so more quickly that some other metals. To keep brass a bright golden hue brass requires some maintenance. A polishing cloth works well, as does steel wool (only if the jewelry has a matte finish to begin with). Using steel wool is effective if there are textures or grooves in the brass piece, but be aware that steel wool cleans by scratching the surface to remove build-up, so use it gently. There are also many gentle brass cleaners readily available, however, if the piece has a stone, avoid washing or wetting the stone


The rich ginger tones of Copper naturally oxidize and develop a patina over time.  With prolonged exposure to moisture and under certain conditions copper can take on a green patina. When washing, if you would like to preserve any patina on the copper in your jewelry, gently clean it with a mild dish soap, warm water and a soft toothbrush. Let it fully dry, and if the piece has a stone, avoid washing the stone.