Blue Moon Ring
Blue Moon Ring
Blue Moon Ring
Blue Moon Ring

Blue Moon Ring

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Everything is affected by the cycle of the moon. She pulls the tides, guides creatures great and small,  helps growing flora and fauna, and creates a rhythm that had guided humans for thousands of years. Mama Luna is one of the most powerful things, and I wanted to create a ring to celebrate that.

The BLUE MOON RING (I know, I know, some of them are green) is hand forged from STERLING SILVER and features a cycle of waxing and waning BRASS moons, circling a full moon of TYRONE TURQUOISE

Sustainably mined from New Mexico, the stone is set in a handmade Brass bezel to match the other moons.

This is a "made to order" item, please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.

 Stone color will be a surprise!   But they're all varying shades of blues and greens and are all lovely.

Band is approx. 7.5mm wide

*Due to the width of this band, it runs about 1/2 size small. So consider sizing up.

*If you’re not sure of your size, don’t worry! We can figure it out together.


100% one of a kind!

Each piece bears my maker's mark to ensure authenticity.

Drugstore Cowgirl products always come packaged in an eco-friendly keepsake bag or box!

 **All of my jewelry is made to last for more than one lifetime, and my hope is that each piece will be passed down to someone special. I personally have some pieces that, as a child, I saw my mom wear and love. These are the pieces that give me the feels each time I put one on. And my hope is to create heirloom pieces that do the same. May the good energy my pieces receive from their original owner be carried over to each and every next.