#8 Luna Hoops SM
#8 Luna Hoops SM

#8 Luna Hoops SM

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Ah, the moon. She's one of Mother Nature's most spectacular creations, isn't she? Personally, I love both hoop earrings and crescent moon shaped anything ,really. So it was only a matter of time before I flipped my OG crescent moon earrings upside down and made them Luna hoops! 🌙🌙

These one of a kind hand stamped LUNA HOOP EARRINGS are sure to become a show stopping fave. Each piece is hand crafted out of fine and STERLING SILVER, and features two dainty #8 TURQUOISE stones, ethically mined in Nevada. 

The stones are not perfectly matched, making the pair a one-of-a-kind duo. This creates a unique set that is both super lightweight and comfortable.

 I personally hand forge, saw, hammer, solder, set, and polished each and every piece.

Approximately 1.25" in width, and 1.5" long .

100% one of a kind!

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